#KaroNa Home WOD 16

Bodh CrossFit – CrossFit


100 on the spot jogging

2 rounds

10 Samsung stretch each side

10 lateral stretch each side

10 iron cross each side

10 scorpion each side

10 Hindu push ups

10 step bear walk forward n backward

10 step crab walk forward n backward


Card Game

Diamond – Push Up

Club – Squat

Heart – Dips

Spade – Jumping Squats

Picture Cards

Ace = 1 Min Double Unders

King = 1 Min Dead Bug

Queen = 1 Min Wall Sit

Jack = 1 Min Plank Hold

Joker = 1 Min Rest

After Bash

Back Roll

Knee To Chest Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Seated Forward Bend

Butterfly Stretch

Cobra Stretch

Child Pose

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