#KaroNa Home WOD 13

Bodh CrossFit – CrossFit


2 Rounds Of

100 Jumping Jacks

100 Split Lunges

100 High Knee

100 Butt Kick

20 Arm Rotation Forward

20 Backward

20 Hand Sideways Up N Down

20 Forward Up N Down

10 Inchworms

Metcon (Time)

For Time

10 Hspu

20 Dips

30 Push Up

40 Forward Lunges

50 Air Squats

40 Backward Lunges

30 Push Up

20 Dips

10 Hspu

After Bash


Single Leg Bend Forward Each Side

Wide Legs Bend Forward

Pigeon Stretch

Lying Quad Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

Triceps Stretch

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