To go back to Childhood by Pritika Sethi

If we think back to a time when we were truly happy, many of us may recall our childhood. A time when we were active, played outdoors all day with boundless energy. A time when we slept deeply, ate heartily, cried our hearts out and laughed raucously without a care in the world.

Today, as corporate slaves, coping with the stress of high-pressure jobs and the will to make it to the top, many of us end up forgetting the joy of living in the moment. Our health is a major contributory factor for this. Sitting for long hours, lack of movement, weight gain, junk food are all creations of modern living. Our minds too, lack focus as we relentlessly shift from one thought to the next.

Our bodies were meant for physical activity and challenging scenarios but sadly, many of us never get to explore our physical potential and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


Stiff joints, lack of energy and stamina can age you before your time. Exercise, on the other hand, can help prevent aging and improve mental focus. The important thing is to start and to stay consistent. Exercise isn’t a temporary thing that you do till you feel better and quit. It’s the rent you need to pay to have a body that you deserve. The more you invest into your workouts, the better your body and overall health!

Functional workouts and bodyweight training are a great way to get started. Functional workouts incorporate movements that help you perform daily activities safely and without injury – such as climbing stairs or running. Some examples of functional exercises are squats and lunges.

Bodyweight training is another great way to build strength. So apart from your usual cardio such as running or walking, you can do push-ups, bench dips to work out your upper back and arms, planks, lunges and squats. Slowly build up the number of reps and also focus on strengthening your form.


It’s best to have a trainer to observe you and help you get the best form. This is important in order to work the right muscle group and to avoid injury. Diet too plays an important role in overall fitness. The best way to get started on eating clean is to first read up on healthy eating and how it impacts your moods, energy levels, and overall health. Once you have the knowledge, you may find yourself subconsciously making healthier choices.

Hanging out with people who eat clean can really help too. In fact, being part of a fitness community is a great way to learn more about fitness and to stay motivated.

It all starts with taking one step in the right direction. So, sleep a little earlier, give yourself the gift of ‘me time’ in the morning and get started!


Pritika’s transformation, from XL to M in 9 months



written by Pritika Sethi

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